Streamlined Data Management for Corporations and Enterprise Groups

At this year's Directions EMEA from 9 to 11 October at the Austria Center in Vienna, ocean5 will show how processes can be accelerated within the company.

The idea behind the title 'Streamlined Data Management for Corporations and Enterprise Groups' is to use centralized data management to accelerate business processes in the company, to meet legal requirements easily, to react flexibly to changes and much more.

On Friday, October 11th at 12.00 noon we will show how we achieve all this with ocn5Template. Visit our session and learn how ocean5 solutions can give your projects a boost.

Visit our ISV session at this year's Directions EMEA

ocn5Template - Streamlined Data Management

 October 11th 2019 

12:00 - 12:45 h

Hall F1