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More Security for Your Next Step with Business Analytics from ocean5

With our Business Analytics solutions, you can consistently look ahead. Because they link operational processes with strategic goals.

Business Analytics helps you to make your corporate planning, business processes and customer and supplier relationships more successful. Make better decisions because you can identify trends early on. Increase your success with transparent key figures and analyses.

With the integrated analysis and reporting functions, you always have an overview of all important past and future developments in your company.

Helpful Functions of ocean5 Business Analytics

Establishment of multidimensional data warehouses

Increased data quality through standardization

Visualization of important key figures

Analysis of inventory data to support the reporting system

Proactive planning through predictive analytics and machine learning forecasts

Support in various functional areas such as finance, controlling, personnel and sales

Microsoft PowerBI – Improve the Quality of your Decisions

With the business analytics solution Power BI you can visualize your data and share your insights inside and outside your organization. Power BI conveniently accesses your data - regardless of whether the data is stored in your local ERP database (On Premise) or in the cloud.